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At Virgin Flooring, we bring you a fresh start and new beginnings with new flooring. Whether you know what type of flooring you want or just that you need something new, we’ll walk you through it. (And on it.)

We invite you to visit our showroom to see all of our flooring options in person. We'll have a one-on-one consultation to learn your goals, and we'll recommend flooring options that fit your personal taste and budget. Once you decide, we'll visit your home or business to precisely measure your room(s). We do that in-house to ensure it's done right.
Virgin Flooring handles all of the services required to transform your room(s) in-house. We consult with you prior to purchase, come out to measure your space, and handle your installation from start to finish. We're meticulous and full-service to make the process convenient ...and to ensure the job is done right.
Flooring Options
Step into our showroom, and prepare to be surprised. We offer a wide range of quality flooring at unbeatable prices, and we invite you to come in and explore.

Step into our Showroom

There is nothing more classic than hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood floors have stood the test of time for generations. Trends come and go, but hardwood floors are always in style. Benefits of hardwood flooring include:

Low maintenance

Hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home because it's a feature homebuyers seek out. Hardwood floors are a good investment.

There is nothing more classic than hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood floors have stood the test of time for generations. Trends come and go, but hardwood floors are always in style. Benefits of hardwood flooring include:

Moisture Resistance
Installation flexibility
Low Maintenance

Carpet is a great choice for living rooms, family rooms, stairs, basements, and hallways. It's the flooring most popular with our customers for its soft, cozy feel. If it's time for a refresh on your carpet, or you're ready for more comfort under your feet, visit Virgin Flooring to browse our carpet selection. We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Quality fibers

Engineered vinyl plank (EVP) flooring is crafted with a rigid core, making it an extremely sturdy option. This flooring features planks, or tiles, with a realistic wood, stone, or concrete look. EVP is an “MVP” for several reasons:

It is waterproof
Tons of designs
Install anywhere

There are two types of EVP rigid cores:

Wood plastic composite/wood polymer core (WPC) - This flooring's rigid core is part wood pulp, part plasticizers, and part foaming agents. It is a highly stable core, known to feel more comfortable underfoot than other rigid cores.

Stone plastic composite/solid polymer core (SPC) - This flooring's rigid core is made by mixing limestone powder and plastic stabilizers for extra stability. As a result, SPC has a somewhat harder feel than WPC, so an underlayment is usually attached or recommended.

Both types of EVP have a vinyl topcoat for waterproofing and a wear layer with coating that adds scratch-, stain-, and UV- resistance. The rigid cores are waterproof.

Hands down, tile is the most versatile floor—and wall—covering. With style options from traditional to modern, tile gives any room a fresh start. Add new tile to your shower, fireplace, patio , pool, floor, countertop or wall to completely revitalize your space. You won't believe the results.

Tile has many options because you can mix up the sizes for a unique look, or you can lay it straight or on an angle. You can even select tile that looks like hardwood. The beauty of tile is that it lets you express your personal style. Here's what to know about this multi-use flooring:

Glass and Metal
Natural Stone

Quality tilework requires proper waterproofing and professional installation. You can count on Virgin Flooring to install your tile right.

Not Just Flooring...

Think we just do flooring? Think again! Our name aside, Virgin Flooring provides expert tilework services for fireplaces, backsplashes, showers, and more. The looks we achieve with tile to transform your room and give you a new beginning are remarkable. The results speak for themselves.

Virgin Flooring Signature Carpet

We are pleased to offer our own line of high-quality carpet. Virgin Flooring carpet comes in dense face weights from 40 to 100 oz., which means you get more yarn than you do with many other carpets. More yarn means you get an extremely soft, long-lasting product with less visible seams.

Our affordable carpets are:

Ultra-soft polyester

100% solution-dyed

Available in 50+ colors

They’re all exceptionally soft and comfortable under your feet!

We stand behind our carpets (and sometimes on them), and we offer a lifetime stain warranty. Please visit our showroom to see and feel our full line of Virgin Flooring carpets. We know you'll love them as much as we do.